.NET Nakama

Improving your .NET skills

Continuous Improvement

04 Jul 2020 | ~2 Minute Read
Hello, I am Ioannis (Giannis) Kyriakidis and I am a software engineer from Greece. In this post you will find more about .NET Nakama and me.
A Developer's Adventures of Code
18 Jan 2021 | ~7 Minute Read
Have you tried the latest Advent of Code (25 small daily programming puzzles)? Solving programming puzzles can be used for practice and to hone our programming skills. I gave it...
How to Start Your Own Blogging Journey
04 Aug 2021 | ~5 Minute Read
.NET Nakama became one year old. In this anniversary article, I share my experiences as a blogger (so far) and what helped me when starting this blog. So, if you are waiting for...