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July 04, 2020 (~2 Minute Read)

A few things about me

Hello, I am Ioannis (Giannis, pronunciation; YAH-nis) Kyriakidis and I am a software engineer from Greece. My coding journey started in 2000 and I am still trying to keep up to date. Programming is a continuously changing and evolving industry, thus learning never ends. I have graduated from the Applied Informatics and Multimedia Engineer (TEI of Crete) and then got by PhD degree (Environmental Informatics, Artificial and Computational Intelligence and Computational optimization) from the University of South Wales. Additionally, I have over 4 years of teaching experience, by working as a laboratory instructor in several academic courses at the TEI of Crete. I like spending my free time with the people I love (friends and family), learning new stuff, watching anime and playing video games.

About .NET Nakama

In my continuous-learning process, I am always preparing teaching materials, such as proof of concepts, notes, cheat lists, etc. This is my way to gain knowledge by understanding, learning and preparing like I’m training someone else. This is very helpful when I need to review topics that I have already studied.

Currently, the main topic of my learning-process is the development of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using mainly .NET Core. It may sound like a simple topic, but there are several decisions that have to be taken, such as: System-Architecture, Software-Architecture, Security, Maintainability, Documentation, etc.

So, I decided to share with you my continuous learning journey, teaching materials, thoughts and ideas in order to:

  • Help me organize and better understand each topic.
  • Help others who want to follow a continuous learning journey for .NET technologies and APIs.
  • More importantly to get feedback and discuss each topic.

My first goal was to create this website; my next goal is to publish an article once a month (and then consider increasing them).

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