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Understanding the .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
04 Mar 2022 | ~10 Minute Read
LINQ provides powerful unified query syntax to query different data sources (e.g., SQL, XML, ADO.NET Datasets, Objects, etc.) that any .NET developer should know. Let's learn ab...
Must-Know Concepts Related to LINQ and IEnumerable
04 Apr 2022 | ~9 Minute Read
Understanding LINQ and IEnumerable can be quite challenging because they involve several concepts. Read this article to learn more about boxing and unboxing, extension methods, ...
One step beyond by using .NET Collections to its fullest
04 May 2022 | ~16 Minute Read
.NET provides several collections namespaces that provide great flexibility when working with groups of objects. You'd better to start to read this article. To the rockin'est, c...