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  • December 04, 2020

    Create ASP.NET Core Middlewares for Reusable and Modular Code

    Do you want clean/thin API controllers, containing only the intended application code logic calls? Then it’s time to use middlewares, making your code reusable and modular. Continue reading this article to learn how to create, use and test middlewares in simple steps. Learn more, improve your code and be proud of it 😉.

  • November 04, 2020

    ASP.NET Core Web API Fundamentals

    Are you new to ASP.NET Core? Read this article to understand ASP.NET Core fundamentals, including the program structure, Dependency Injection (DI), the request pipeline, middleware, loose coupling, and two related principles, the Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP) and the Inversion of Control (IoC) principle.

  • October 04, 2020

    Create and Run a Hello World, CRUD Web API

    The time has come, let's build a simple "Hello, World!" REST Web API having dummy CRUD operations. We will investigate the differences between the available hosting model options (Kestrel, IIS Express, In-Process, Out-of-Process) when running/serving the web-project-application and investigate the code structure of an API controller (routes, data-bind, etc.).

  • September 04, 2020

    .NET, Core, Standard, Framework… Brain BSoD!

    Are you confused with all the different .NET terms, such as ".NET Core", ".NET Framework", ".NET Standard", 'ASP.NET", "UWP", or are they not very clear to you? If yes, continue reading this post describing the aforementioned .NET terms and the future of .NET.

  • August 04, 2020

    So... What is an API?

    You don’t need to know what an API is, only if you are a software developer. Maybe you are working in an environment with software developers and just want to understand what they are talking about (sometimes we may seem like aliens).